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Highlight for Album: Filk Gatherings
Filk Gatherings
Assorted pictures from various conventions and house filks.

Last changed on 01/15/2009. This album contains 632 items.
Consonance 2002
OryCon 2002
ConChord 2003
Hodgetts Recording Session
OryCon 2003
Consonance 2004
BayCon 2004
ConChord 2004
Orycon 2004
Consonance 2005
FrogFilk 2005
Baycon 2005
OVFF 2005
Orycon 2005
GaFilk 2006
Consonance 2006
FKO 2006
Norwescon 2006
Baycon 2006
Pondfilk 2006
Stardust Recording
Dockrey Recording Sessions
OVFF 2006
Orycon 2006
Consonance 2007
Norwescon 2007
Conterpoint 2007
SpoCon 2008
Magazine Cover
Monkey Brains Studios
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Highlight for Album: Sunsets and Experiments
Sunsets and Experiments
Sky, sunset, landscape, panorama, and other experimental photos such as 3D and time lapse photography.

Last changed on 07/25/2006. This album contains 45 items.
Sunsets and Other Skies
3D Photographs
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Highlight for Album: Misc. Photos
Misc. Photos
Misc. photos, hard to categorize.

Last changed on 02/15/2009. This album contains 344 items.
Cat pictures
Our friends the animals
2009-04-26 Woodland Park Zoo
July 2009 Whale Watching
Our friends the people
Family Photos
Steve Morse and The Dixie Dregs 2005
John Hodgman and Jonathan Coulton, Feb 15th 2006
Tom and Kendall, Tractor Tavern, December 8th, 2005
Paperboys, Tractor Tavern, March 25th, 2006
826 Benefit 2006
Jonathan Coulton, Seattle, September 2006
Jonathan Coulton, Seattle, February 2007
Jonathan Coulton, Seattle, September 23rd, 2007
Plexi Case
European Vacation 2003
Day One and Two: London
Day Two: Cambridge
Day Three: The Ferry to Holland
Day Three through Five: Holland and the Empeg Owner's Meet
Day Five and Six: Train to Germany and Black Forest
Day Seven: Castle Neuschwanstein and The Autobahn
Day Eight and Nine: The Rhine and the Trip Home
San Francisco, April 2005
Seattle, May 2005
Culinary Delights

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