Misc. Photos 

Misc. photos, hard to categorize.

Highlight for Album: Cat pictures
Album: Cat pictures

We love kitties!
Last change: 03/09/2006
Contains: 7 items

Highlight for Album: Our friends the animals
Album: Our friends the animals

Living in the boonies means we share the land with lots of animals.
Last change: 07/05/2009
Contains: 9 items

Highlight for Album: Our friends the people
Album: Our friends the people

Misc. shots of friends.
Last change: 10/03/2006
Contains: 4 items

Highlight for Album: Family Photos
Album: Family Photos
Last change: 02/10/2006
Contains: 2 items

Highlight for Album: Concerts
Album: Concerts

Concerts, performances, and other public appearances by various artists and celebrities that I've attended.
Last change: 09/30/2007
Contains: 8 items

Highlight for Album: Plexi Case
Album: Plexi Case

Project photos for an ATX computer case that I made out of Lucite plexiglass.
Last change: 02/10/2006
Contains: 13 items

Highlight for Album: Vacations
Album: Vacations

Pictures from vacations.
Last change: 02/10/2006
Contains: 3 items

Highlight for Album: Culinary Delights
Album: Culinary Delights

Pics of culinary delights.
Last change: 02/15/2009
Contains: 4 items

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