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I participate in a musical culture known as Filk, the folk music of the SF/Fantasy fandom community. For a more detailed explanation, the current Wikipedia entry on Filk Music is quite good and covers all of the bases.

Lately, I've moved away from doing songs by myself, and now my primary focus is being the guitarist and producer for Vixy & Tony. For information about our original songs, including lyrics and song samples, please visit Vixy & Tony's Music Page.

Tony's Parody Songs

Back when I used to write songs by myself, I did parodies...

Click on a song below for my personal parody songs (not related to Vixy & Tony):

Comfortably Dumb Chip Wonder Lights Dear Bill Max Rebo Band Mr. Anderson Losing My Connection Buggy Software False Alarms at BayCon A Day in the Life of a Straight Guy Fifty Ways to Change the Movie When I Was a Boy: 2100

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